Xaiver Pardek T'laran in battle armor.

Xaiver Pardek T'laran is ThatGuySteve's main RPG character in both Sci-Fi RPG and Sci-Fi RPG 2.

Fictional Character Biography-Vengeance Edit

Xaiver was born on the mapping ship CC-35 dubbed as 'Mapship' which was in charge of mapping the Trad pass, a journey that took almost 20 years. When the ship was on the 18th year of its voyage, it was attacked by Warrner and his group of space pirates. Xaiver (13 at the time) was with his friend Ship in the quarintine section when the pirates came. The pirates made their way to the quarintine section as well, and Xaiver and Warrner begin to fight, Xaiver aided by a Lazer-Grapple. During the fight Ship, along with Xaiver's mother, (who was inside a quarintine pod,) both seem to die, and Xaiver only barely manages to escape. After taking an escape pod to leave the ship, he is shot down and crashes onto a nearby world. He is rescued from the pod by villagers, and required a transfusion of blood to help him adapt to the world, giving him above human strength, speed, and endurance. Unable to leave the planet due to the fact that space travel has not been made feasible by the population, Xaiver stays there for two years. After two years, a ship arrives and the pilot offers to take Xaiver along. He ventures along with the piolot, who helps him to plot his revenge against Warner. Finally narrowing down Warner's position, Xaiver space jumps to his ship. After a heated battle he knocked out Warner, and was ready to kill the pirate, only to be stopped by his assumedly dead Mother. She explained that when the pirates blew a hole open in Mapship, strange cosmic rays altered her genes and saved her from the disease as well as giving her the ability to see the future, allowing her to find Xaiver ahead of time. She told Xaiver that if he killed warner, he would be no worse than the hideous space pirate. Instead, he and his mother evacuate the ship. Later, the pilot tells Xaiver that they have offered him a job, a solo mission to eradicate a deadly zombie virus from a space cruiser, effectively leading into the events of the Sci-Fi RPG

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