Weapons are what RPGers use to protect them selves. Weapons are commonly meant for killing the adversary.

Here is a list of weapons that you may use, if you have another weapon you would like to use, add it here.





Laser Sword Axe Sniper Riffle Grappling Hook
Laser Axe Sword Rifle tazer
Laser Dagger Bow and Arrow Mini Gun Rope
Plasma Grenades Mace Grenades Lazer Rope
Plasma Fuse Bomb Samurai Sword Fuse Bomb
Galactic Bomb Long Sword Atomic Bomb
Weak Plasma Bomb Shield C-Four
Laser Shot Gun Dagger Rocket Launcher
Ion Thrower Spear Machine Gun
Electric Shield Shotgun
Cosmo Blade Flame Thrower

Special Weapons


Cosmo Blade

COSMO BLADE- Belongs to Shinnith
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