Ship before infested by zombies.

'Star Cruiser '13 is the location of the Sci-Fi RPG. Before the incident, the ships duty was to bring cargo from planet to planet. The next planet it was heading to was Galiou to import the cargo. Just 100 thousand miles away from the planet, the ship was infested by zombies. They know that the planet Zelk was just 40 miles away, which was also being attacked by zombies.

Zombie infestationEdit

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In summary, planet Zelk contained the first zombies which came from the mysterious atmosphere it possess. For thousands of years, the zombies had been under control and weak. This all changed when the zombies found a nuclear testing ground. Because of the radio-active waves, it increased the zombies power and they then started a massive war on the planet. After fighting for some time, a group of zombies stole away on a vertical-launch escape pod. A little later they arrived on Star Cruiser no. 13.

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