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5' 10


150 lb

Main Weapon

Kuninis and Ninja Stars

Sub Weapon

Cosmo Blade

Home planet


Shinnith( Ace Legend) is a master ninja. Rarely showing emotion. not much is known about him. His weapons are inline throwing blades(ITB), and Ninja Stars. He has great agility. In an earlier RPG, he was accussed of being a robot. He also possess psychokinesis and telekinesis, which he does not use often.


Shinnith uses mainly ITB and Ninja Stars(Shurikens). Also he has a sub weapon known as the Cosmo Sword or Cosmo Blade. The Cosmo Blade was a special sword, given to him by his trainer, Kian Sho. It is said to hold the power of Time and Space.


Cosmo Blade


At the age of 3, Shinnith's parents died, however as they were dying they gave him a special ring that gave him the abilites of phychokinesis and telekinesis . Of course nothing much is known about their death. Ever since then, Shinnith was trained mercilessly by his guardian, Kian Sho. At the age of 12, he was one of the most skillful ninjas in the world. At the age of 16(current age), he is the best ninja and is weilder of the Cosmo Blade. Besides this, nothing else is known about him, as it is his job to keep his identity a secret.

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