This was the first RPG created by the user 'ThatGuySteve' and also the most sucsseful, spanning over 80 pages of Role playing.


The RPG begins with Xaiver, Shinnith and Franke in the weapons room of a star-ship that has been infected with a zombie virus. After deciding to skirt around the edges of the ship to search for survivors they head up the elevator only to encounter a group of zombies. After defeating the zombies the trio decides to camp there for the night. In the morning they encounter Akiva and her team. For unkown reasons Akiva wants to capture Franke, but while Xaiver and Shinnith battle, Franke slips away. Shinnith and Akiva exit via the vents, and Xaiver heads off to search elsewhere while Akiva's team stays in case of Franke's return. Countless battles occured on the ship. After some time, and the trio was back together, the ship crashed into the Death Mountains, on the planet Galiou, Which leads into the Sci-Fi RPG II.

Did you know...

Did you know Jase Perry was fighting the Zombies on planet Zelk while this all occured?

Did you know that ship this RPG occured on was Star Cruiser 13?

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