Jase Perry in battle armor

A RPG character of TotalDestruction, Jase Perry, also known as 'White Knight' is 16 years old as of 2155 (curent time of the Sci-Fi RPG II) Human-zelaq hybrid who fought against the zombies in Sci-Fi RPG behind the scenes.

He was born on the planet Earth but mostly raised on the planet Zelk


The child of Jarrod of earth, and Rune of Zelk. Born in 2139. His father was put in prison for 15 years in 2148, because he secretly led a group of bounty hunters centered around Chicago. Moving to Zelk with his mother to live with he family, Jase spent six years on Zelk, secretly following in his father's footsteps in crime. During the time of the Sci-Fi RPG, zombies inhabited planet Zelk.

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