• Kata89

    Goals and other stuff

    November 21, 2011 by Kata89

    Here are some goals I am setting

    • Too have almost every weapon page made by the end of this year. Go to task.
    • Every single character page to have a biography and more information. Go to task.
    • To have 7 RPGers.
    • have 75 pages (at least)
    • To have posts in the community Center. Go to Task.

    Also, make sure to have information on your user page. And make sure to stay in touch with the community. Doing this is to go to the Community Center, blog posts, commenting, ext. This Wiki is really showing improvement. And most of all, make sure to RPG!

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  • Shinnith

    Home Page

    November 18, 2011 by Shinnith

    I know some people are very protective of our home page, but there is no reason to have it protected. There are people out there who could help our main page. Even if someone messess it up, just go to it's history and restore it. That history page, I have protected so that an experienced troll, won't be able to mess that up too.

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  • Kata89

    I have added the "Main page news". The two most current blog posts will be seen on the home page. This blog post, is too see if it works. Comment on this if you are reading this!

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